Feb 22

PC BUILD: let’s go cool!

Hi everyone so I am back with part two of my pc build! It s time to go water-cooling!


So as you might know from my previous post I built my first custom pc from scratch, but as my dad always told me:”If you do something, do it right!”.

This means I could not stop there, I had to push further and watercooling and overclocking was the next natural step.

Finally last weekend I received the second batch of stuff:


Right there we got the second gtx 960, green fans (you will see the result later) , water cooling kit, green colour for the fluid and LED strips.

The first think I did was put in the second card and start seeing as it performed. (PS if you get a flashing green screen in SLI mode, just swap the direction of the SLI bridge).

IMG_20150214_133135 IMG_20150214_133125


As soon as I got started  with the watercooling kit problems showed up,  the instruction manual  said there was the need for an oring between the pump and the reservoir, of course that o-ring was missing.

As you might understand being the first time I was building a watercooling kit I did not want to take any chances to flood all that precious hardware. I had to contact the retailer, the kit manufacturer and they all gave me everytime different answers, in the end I found out they upgraded they watercooling kit and that oring is now integrated in the pump and colored



With that out of the way let the fun begins!

IMG_20150219_213830 IMG_20150219_213819 IMG_20150219_081333



The process was fairly straight forward even though I was freaking scared of leaks! ( that’s also the reason why there is toilet paper everywhere).

I let the system run for quite a while (4~ hours running and a whole day standing). In the kit there was an handy plug to jump start the PSU so I could just run the pump without need of anything else running.

After all that was done time for final touches and that means light!

IMG_20150219_213437 IMG_20150219_194344 IMG_20150219_194337 IMG_20150219_194328


That was it for the build, it took me quite a bit of trial and error but it was an amazing experience and I learned so much!

Here you can see a video of the lighting effect:

PC BUILD: NV FURY final result from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

Finally here just a slide shows of picture with music of the whole building process!

NV FURY: making of from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

That’s it guys! I did not talk about temperatures yet because I want to keep that for next post where overclocking will come ! Trust me when I say that little pentium holds some serious horse power!

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