Feb 15

My first pc build!

My first pc build!


Hi everyone! Yes I finally decided to build my first pc!

The reason for that is simple, since I started programming I got interested more and more about how actually a pc works, that led me to follow many channel on youtube that talk about hardware etc, I love following tech news about new cpus Ā and gpus. When I started doing parallel computing on both CPU and GPU I could hold it no more, I had to do my own build.

This build was born with the goal of being an experiment, cheap material just to get some experience. I also wanted to be able to play with overclocking, that led me to more expensive components like the motherboard.

In the end I decided what the heck lets make a nice build that will stand nicely for a year or two meanwhile I wait for new pascal architecture to come out.

This is what I ended up with:

CPU : Intel Pentium G 3258 K Anniversary edition (modest processor dual core but its multiplier is unlocked, and this bad boy overclocks like a beast!)

MOBO: Gigabyte Z97X-SLI

RAM : 2×8 GB Corsair vengeance


PSU : Corsair AX 750W

It is funny you know, years ago a friend of mine, Alberto Vazzola (AKA Wolf), asked me: “Aren’t you interested at all in hardware?”, I answered him that I was a programmer, and I did not give a s**t about hardware, kindle he answered me : “wait for it…”. He was damm right.

Here is a nice pic of the initial hardware:

IMG_20150207_112022 IMG_20150207_114355

I have to say that 960 is a sexy piece of hardware come on, you cannot deny it!

So let s move forward, before putting it into the case I did the most basic build possible just to see if the system post (and as you will see it was a good choice).

Getting the system to post was a pain in the neck, not for hardware fault but for my newbie mistakes.

For example took me ages to see why the PSU and motherboard wouldn’t get started and the why I got no screen output at all. After a lot of head banging on the wall and the help of friends and dad, we figured out that

I did not connect a second plug of the main 24 pin connector:



The reason why I did not plug the second one (on PSU side) was because a little force was needed to plug both and I had to bend the cable at the base, that combined with the fear of breaking stuff (you always have that fear with new stuff) led me to think only one of the two was needed. After my mistake was fixed I could finally scream: “IT ALIVE!”.

IMG_20150208_174250After that I could finally put everything in the case:



I did not pay too much attention for cable management since this is just the beginning šŸ˜€ Stay tuned if you wanna know more!

Anyway so It took me almost a weekend to put everything together but I am quite satisfied because I learned a huge bunch of stuff!

So that is it for now guys!


PS huge thanks to Alberto Vazzole and Alessandro Boschian Pest and best of all my Dad for all theĀ advice.

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