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Sep 20

GAME-ENGINE: getting started

GAME-ENGINE: getting started Hi there, as learning project I decided to create a simple game engine. Let me explain, I am not crazy or mad, what I am trying to do is, hopefully, a subset of a game engine, starting as small as possible and then build on top of that. The first goal I have …

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Jan 06

Having fun with cuda…. again

Having fun with cuda…. again                             Hello there, today we are talking about cuda again, some time ago you saw me talking about pycuda in THIS post, here today I did something similar but with a more serious approach, I decided to …

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Jun 11

OPENGL : 3D viewport , let the fun begin!

OPENGL : 3D viewport , let the fun begin! Hello everyone! It has been quite a bit of time but trust me when I do say there is so much going on in my life right now, I can’t tell you much yet but you will soon know. Lately I have been focusing on getting …

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Jan 31


IMAGE PROCESSING : PYCUDA Hello everyone today we are talking about pycuda , I will tell you my experience and will show you some tests! Let s jump into it! Everything started a couple of weeks ago with the start of an image processing course on Coursera.com , I actually decided to just had a …

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Jan 20

Simple image processing.

Simple image processing. Hello everyone , today I am having a quick chat about image processing! Lately I have become more and more interested in different areas of computer science , mostly in robotics. It s such an awesome world, being able to create something that moves and reacts! My wildest dream would be to …

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Dec 20

ALGORITHM : quick-find trees implementation

ALGORITHM : quick-find trees implementation Hi everyone! As you might know I am studying a lot of math and algorithms lately! I have am also following an algorithm course hosted on Coursera by Princeton University. The mentor explained in great detail  the quick-find algorithm, the argument is uber interesting! We started by working on the …

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