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Jan 20

Simple image processing.

Simple image processing. Hello everyone , today I am having a quick chat about image processing! Lately I have become more and more interested in different areas of computer science , mostly in robotics. It s such an awesome world, being able to create something that moves and reacts! My wildest dream would be to …

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Dec 20

ALGORITHM : quick-find trees implementation

ALGORITHM : quick-find trees implementation Hi everyone! As you might know I am studying a lot of math and algorithms lately! I have am also following an algorithm course hosted on Coursera by Princeton University. The mentor explained in great detail  the quick-find algorithm, the argument is uber interesting! We started by working on the …

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Nov 06

Maya interactive transformation debugging with python API

Maya interactive transformation debugging with python API Hi everyone this is a quick demo of a library that lets me draw in the maya viewport without need of cpp plugins or custom locators and so on , so really portable , the lib is mostly specialized for transformation. The reason behind this lib is simple …

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Nov 03

Old stuff : quaternion spine houdini

Old stuff : quaternion spine houdini Hei everyone! Today I was checking some stuff on my Vimeo account and figured out I had quite some stuff which I never shared so I am gonna do that now! The first thing was this quaternions spine I did in Houdini , this was the exact replica of …

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Oct 14

Fourier Noise and PlotWidget

Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted a tool! So here we go !  First of all let me thanks my colleague  Lars which introduced me  to the Fourier Series. I decided first of all to make a cpp node to generate noise based on that algorithm, once the node was done …

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Sep 22

Computing everywhere! SERIAL, MUTLI-THREAD , CUDA

SERIAL , MUTLI-THREAD , CUDA Hey guys , whats up? Long time since last post I know , so much  happened in the last months. I finished my work in Brussels and I moved to London in order to start working as creature TD at Double Negative. Wooah guys that place is amazing , I …

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