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Oct 14

Fourier Noise and PlotWidget

Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted a tool! So here we go !  First of all let me thanks my colleague  Lars which introduced me  to the Fourier Series. I decided first of all to make a cpp node to generate noise based on that algorithm, once the node was done …

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Mar 28

MG_rigTools what you will see in update 1.2

MG_rigTools  what you will see in update 1.2 Hi everyone! If you wanna be updated on the coming features or new releases for MG_rigTools subscribe to the news letter using the form in the top of the blog. First of all as you can see the name has changed from MG_tools and MG_rigTools , the …

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Aug 21

PYQT TIP :Looping with QTableWidgetItem

PYQT TIP :Looping with QTableWidgetItem     Here’s another one! The goal here is to add a QTableWidgetItem to all the selected rows using a for loop. You will see the wrong way of writing this will loop through and just add the QTableWidgetItem to the first selected row. You can see in the right …

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Aug 12

PYQT and Maya tutorial : how to add a custom widget to a QListWidget

In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to add custom widgets to a QListWidget . I am not a PYQT master so if you know better ways to make the same thing just shoot a comment. Click here to download the python files

Aug 09

PYQT TIP : QSpinBox signal waits for return key to be pressed

Hi everyone today I am going to show you a little tip that I found really useful. I was working on a UI where a value change of a spin box was triggering a procedure . When the user was typing a number a signal was emitted for every number example , the user wants …

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Aug 06

PYQT TIP : remove selected items from QlistWidget

Hi everyone , little tip about how to remove selected object from a QListWidget . First of all for multiple selection be sure to have the multiSelection enabled like this : where QListWidget is your widget. Now I am gonna show you my first attempt : It s not the best way to do it …

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