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Nov 16

C++: A singleton base class

C++: A singleton base class Hi everyone, here is an example I used in a project of mine in order to generate singleton in a easier way. The main goal was to remove much of the boiler plate from the class itself and try to wrap it inside a base class. By googling around  I …

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Sep 20

GAME-ENGINE: getting started

GAME-ENGINE: getting started Hi there, as learning project I decided to create a simple game engine. Let me explain, I am not crazy or mad, what I am trying to do is, hopefully, a subset of a game engine, starting as small as possible and then build on top of that. The first goal I have …

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Feb 22

PC BUILD: let’s go cool!

Hi everyone so I am back with part two of my pc build! It s time to go water-cooling! So as you might know from my previous post I built my first custom pc from scratch, but as my dad always told me:”If you do something, do it right!”. This means I could not stop …

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Feb 15

My first pc build!

My first pc build! Hi everyone! Yes I finally decided to build my first pc! The reason for that is simple, since I started programming I got interested more and more about how actually a pc works, that led me to follow many channel on youtube that talk about hardware etc, I love following tech …

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Jan 18

LINUX: Fixing screen position running NVidia drivers

LINUX: Fixing screen position running NVidia drivers Hello folks! So lately I have been playing a lot with CentOS, and looks like I finally am on a stable setup, where I can compile all my stuff, opengl, cuda and TBB etc. The problem that bothered me for a while was the setup of the screens, I …

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Jan 06

Having fun with cuda…. again

Having fun with cuda…. again                             Hello there, today we are talking about cuda again, some time ago you saw me talking about pycuda in THIS post, here today I did something similar but with a more serious approach, I decided to …

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