Jul 28

MOVIE : Why Need for speed is a great movie

MOVIE : Why Need for speed is a great movie

DISCLAIMER : If you are a movie nazi … one of those that complains about stuff like : “there, you see that sequence ? the light should have come 3 degree lover it changes the whole mood!” …. well

GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG  there is nothing for you here. <3


Now lets start by saying I am the kind of guy that love explosion and bad ass action in the movies,  we all know that, I don’t say they are the best ever but I do enjoy them and nothing I can do about that.

Then this trailers comes along.

First time I watch it I thought , well that s a pretty cool piece of shit. Really I think the trailer is quite bad, but my bro borrowed me the dvd so I said lets watch it, and I was keeping down my hopes a lot.

I have been burned so many times about movies coming from books or games and they where so damm bad to make me regret watch them ( like Eragon :/).

But if you are a fan of the need for speed series then you will love this movie, it s hard to believe but it really took out the need for speed essence.

It was an hard job, maybe because need for speed doesnt really have  a story, there have been so many titles without a story where basically you just race, and the ones that actually had a story they were so weak that I don’t remember a single character, and there was never a main character because they wanted you to be the one.

The things I loved about this movie  are :

1) Exotics cars : there are a lot of the m and all togheter , races exactly like in need for speed where you see lambo , meclaren , koenigsegg etc etc.

2) The kind of race : you can watch all the fast and furios and they dont look like need for speed, this movies replicate the exact types of  races , with long roads and the iconic double sided super road

in the middle of nowhere

3) the final race : ooooh that was so f**** epic , the emotions it gave me was exactly like the one on the final boss that is so f*** hard you have to get every corner right and you are doing that for the

10th time and you are thinking this is the one, this time I do it.

Also the final race is totally like need for speed hot pursuit  :


4) The police : damm what can i say the police was behaving exactly like in the game.


SO in the end for being a fan of the need for speed series I am really happy about this movie because I think it really took a snap shot of its essence!


Jul 27

DEMO ARDUINO : having a bit of fun with arduino

DEMO ARDUINO : having a bit of fun with arduino

Hey guys I just pulled out some old palying around I did some time a go.

The first very basic test was getting a led to switch on off.

DEMO ARDUINO : test 1 , led on off from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

The next step was to make the led fade.

DEMO ARDUINO : test 2 , led fading from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

Then I bought a proximity sensor for a couple of pounds out of amazon, there was a small bit of math to implement to actually compute the proximity of an object,
but other then that all nice and simple.

DEMO ARDUINO : test 3 , proximity sensor from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

That s it folks I really look forward to start playing around with arduino!
Stay tuned and subscribe to the channel!

Jun 27

HOW TO: Download entire channels from youtube on Linux

HOW TO: Download entire channels from youtube on Linux



Hello everyone,

so today I am gonna share a quick how to, this is not my usual kind of posts but I found this awesome program on Linux that I use to download video from YouTube and works amazing.

The reason why I needed that is because I always find amazing channels full of tutorials for programming and other stuff and I wish to download and save them.

here it is a small tutorial about that :

HOW TO : Download entire channels from youtube on Linux from Marco Giordano on Vimeo.

Here the python script I used

Like the video and subscribe to the channel! and of course share it around!

Jun 11

OPENGL : 3D viewport , let the fun begin!

OPENGL : 3D viewport , let the fun begin!


Hello everyone! It has been quite a bit of time but trust me when I do say there is so much going on in my life right now, I can’t tell you much yet but you will soon know.

Lately I have been focusing on getting better at c++ and Opengl, I do want to move toward pure R&D guy (research and development) rather than staying in rigging.

What I did was creating a 3D viewport maya like , in order to have a play room to implement some stuff I have in mind since a while.

Again, you have to be a little patient you will know later on what my final goal is, for now one step at the time.

Starting learing Opengl was not so easy , there is so much stuff to learn in order to be able to just draw a single triangle (in the proper way) that you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by so much information that you need to know.

Let s start from the beginning.

After I was able to draw a triangle on a 2D screen my first goal was to be able to load in an object, because of course I don’t want to draw manually everything, like vertex , faces , uvs etc.

I decided I was going to write myself a simple obj loader, again just to get a bit more comfortable in parsing text files in cpp, once I did that this was the result:


A nice cube isn’t it?

At this stage I was able to load all the information and to store all the data into buffers to send them to the graphics card.

I wanted my obj loader to be a bit more flexible and I did not want to lose too much time on it , it was out of the scope of my goal, so I just googled to find a nice obj library and I found this:


Which works really well and if I recall correctly automatically converts quad to triangles at “read” time , which is pretty cool , even tho I did not push too much the tests on this aspect.

Once that was done I actually needed a 3D camera to move around my object, my first implementation of a camera was by rotating around the camera pivot which si not that user-friendly , then after a bit

of effort it was converted into the same kind of behavior of a maya camera.

By the way the camera deformation is performed inside a vertex shader , on a vertex by vertex basis.

At this point of the job it was kinda hard to see the model, the reason is simple , there is not any kind of lighting, the color was completely flat.
I needed to do something about it, here comes in play the fragment shader, this shader gave me quite a bit of trouble to make it up and running but after a lot of swearing I was able to plug it properly in the pipeline


As you can see initially it was just a simple flat shader but actually the color was being interpolated for each fragment.

Next step was to implement a simple diffuse light model , which is really simple, it is just based on the cosine rule which basically we can resolve with a dot product between camera vector and normal and this is the result


Now it do looks like is starting to look something nice isn’t it ?

Well last thing I do wanted to implement was the ability to load a texture, this task was not too complicated but again just a bit of troubleshooting , is not easy at all to debug shader since they run on the graphics card.


That is it for now , as said in the demo (you can find it here below) I don’t think for now I am going to push rendering much further It s out of the scope , probably I will just implement the wire frame shader.

Here is the video demo , I hope you enjoy , if you like please share and subscribe to my Vimeo channel.



Jun 04

A new adventure : UNIVERSITY

A new adventure : UNIVERSITY

Yeah you got it right , I am officially enrolled in a university here in London , the Open University to be exact.

The degree I wish to get is Computing and IT , second subject (applied math), basically hardcore programming and math.

The reasons why I decided to embrace this new adventure are many mad took me a long time to sort them out, let s start from the beginning.

When I was still in highschool I was more attracted from the artistic side of things, I actually wanted to do computer graphic but as an animator ( how fool of me), then the

rigs  I started using where bugged or broken and no one willing to help so I had to learn rigging.

It was love at first sight , I started studying more and more and begun to discover this my tech side that was completely hidden before, I started learning programming aswell!

I started working in the  CG industry as a rigger and met some crazy talented people who pushed me even more down that tech path.

Rigging started feeling a bit limited to me , what maya was offering was not enough , so I started playing with maya api and plugins , I wrote many of those as you might now.

Working with maya api soon or later you have to deal with linear algebra , and there my “faith” was not that strong anymore , but as soon as I figured out that math was going

to be a way to reach my goals, everything changed prospective. I started spending the last two years spending my nights programming and studying math, then last year I started taking university courses online from Coursera.

So much cool stuff to learn and I was putting so much effort in it (some times 3 courses at the same time and still working regularly at DNEG).

Then I realized since I am putting so much effort in this , why don’t actually get a real degree rather than some certificate that have no real value?

That was the time that my quest for finding a university started, one thing I was sure of was that did not have to affect my work , I don’t want to have a part-time job, ideally I would need

a part-time university, luckily the Open University was invented and served exactly  as a university for people who works and that cannot follow regular live lessons and so on.

Funny enough the open university is actually harder than some other university because you have to study by yourself , pace yourself etc , then you do your exams like a regular university.

So here it is a brand new adventure starting, this means though I decided to kill the artistic side and join the dark tech side , to be honest I don’t regret that one bit. If you ever worked with me you know that my tech side is much much MUCH more stronger than my artistic side , I can do okay deformations and stuff but is not my strength.

I tried so many times to work on that and trying to get better and better at art stuff as a rigger , for example I tried several times to do a nice muscle setup taking care of perfect deformations and so on , after 5 minutes I was already dreaming of a way to implement a nice and fast muscle primitive , or different ways to implement a pose reader etc.

To be honest I don’t think I will be a rigger much longer , I am getting attracted more and more to pure research and development,  even though still on creature devlopment.

Also having a degree in computer science will of course help me change my career to pure programmer if I ever will want to.

Anyway I will keep you posted folks :D

That s it for now !

Mar 15

HOW TO : fix guake terminal position on multi-monitor

HOW TO : fix guake terminal position on multi-monitor

Hello everyone ! Today I want to talk about guake terminal , it is a great on linux , because it s so handy.

The only problem with that is if you get multiple monitor it starts to freak out so there is a bit of fixing to do!

Since I run on a 3 monitor setup I got this problem right away and I was quite bothered from it.

I started googling (of course!) and run into this guy post :


This guy modified slightly the .py of guake which you can actually find in  /usr/lib/guake/guake.py

BEWARE : This fix works for sure on Ubuntu 12.04 I did not try it on later version , I know that guake is not located in the same directory.

Now following the direction in that post kinda gets the job done , on my case I got guake on the right screen but I want it to have it in the middle screen, I got a laptop in the middle and

one monitor left one monitor right.
What I did was playing with this line :

monitor = screen.get_n_monitors() – 2

By default was -1 , I first tried  to remove the -1 and was on the left , so I tried -2 and got the job done , so based on the amount of

monitors you got your fix might be different.
I also changed  the width = 80 to width = 100  because I like it full screen.

Here how it looks :


That’s it  folks!

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